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New Life Awakening Retreat – Kundalini Kriya Yoga with Yogiraj Siddhanath

Event Date : Dec 14th Friday, 5:00pm to Dec 16th Sunday, 9:00pm Events Details: Spend 3 days with Yogiraj at the ashram and take empowerment (diksha) into Kundalini Kriya Yoga, Omkar Kriya, Mahamudra, Siddhanath Hamsa Yoga and Siddhanath Surya Yoga. Yogiraj will be giving Shaktipat and Shivapat transmissions and answering your questions. Limited seats. Event Address: […]

Volunteer & Organizational disclaimer

Volunteer & Organizational Disclaimer If you want to learn Kriya Yoga or any other practices of Siddhanath Yoga Parampara, please learn from authorized/certified acharya. The list of such acharyas is available at https://www.siddhanath.org/our-community/teachers. If the person is not listed here, he/she is not an official acharya from our organization. All the authorized techniques of Siddhanath […]

What is Kundalini

Kundalini is the Kinetic energy remaining after the completion of the Universe. This residual bio-electric force lies as light-sound vibrations potentially coiled three and one-half times round the swayambhu Linga with its mouth closing the root of the sushumna nadi in the spinal cord. This divine energy is tucked away in the mooladhara chakra. To […]

A timeless evolution of Consciousness

A Timeless Evolution of Consciousness ! In the human brain exists the formation of a “swan in flight”. In the head is the Corpus Callosum and the ventricles which are located in the mid-brain. When a Hamsa Yogi through meditation and pranayama activates the Kundalini energy, then these ventricles in the brain open up. The […]

Watch Yogiraj on Sanskar TV

You can now watch Yogiraj on prime time TV on Sanskar Channel at 7:35 pm every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The talks have been filmed on location at the ashram and will be on various spiritual topics.

Yogiraj’s Experiential Address at the United Nations

On Thursday October 25th 2007, history was made as Yogiraj Gurunath gave an address at the United Nations that not only delivered an urgent message of Earth peace, but also included his sharing with the audience the experience of Soul Consciousness (his experience dubbed “Shivapat“). Surely this is the first time in history that a […]

Prayer to Sanctify Food

From Yogiraj Gurunath (in Marathi) Translation Oh Lord, let us think of Thee While we take every morsel of food Let us think of Thee Let us not think of food as things to eat but as thy food Let us think of it as a spiritual act Thou art the food, the eater and […]