By Yogiraj Satgurunath Siddhanath

Wild flowers so fresh in life
Breeze through alleys of my mind
Fragrancing memories of the past
In mountain lakes reflections cast

In wooded valleys berries crushed
The flavor of the mystic musk
Within me did old memories rise
Devotions to the sunset skies

Forest aroma deep in damp
Wild smell of the wooded pines
Oh! the déjà vu of jungle times
Of long past meditations lives

Where in sylvan bowers I sat
Not in this world nor in that
Just in the joy of Selfing mirth
The odor of the fragrant earth!

My mind a laughing gurgling stream
Running the bedrocks mossy green
Becomes a calm meandering dream
Flowing into Myself serene

My melting mind a flowing stream
Entered the rainbow ocean light
There was no fear nor sorrows night
Except awareness and delight

How long I sat there no one knows
The eventide its shadows cast
In many a sunrise rays I basked
No one came nor ever asked

The trivial round the common task
Meditation then to me became
A natural mind in tune so tame
Transcending frivolous name and fame

Just being quiet was so good
A lying log, a forest wood
Moving with the natural breeze
Amidst the deep dark forest trees

With body dead consciousness live
Expanding in eternal skies
Beyond mayas conditioned dream
The self merging in Self supreme.