Your Ritambhara Mind Dissolves

Tasyapi nirodhe sarva nirodhan nirbijah
“When your Ritambhara mind dissolves its
final desire of all of this is me, then it
frees Divine Consciousness
to expand into Asamprajnata Samadhi
of desirelessness. When practiced
ceaselessly, this becomes Nirbija
free from the seeds of all

– From Samadhi Pada (I)
of Yogiraj Siddhanath’s book, “Yoga Patanjal”

KARMA – Poem by Yogiraj Siddhanath


(Soliloquy of Mind and Spirit)

I brushed aside the curtain of the window of mine eye
And beheld the sparkling Truth, that within me did reply,
Oh Man you’re not this house of flesh, sleeps decays and dies,
You are immortal consciousness, king of earth and skies

Then burdened why am I, with the coat of flesh and bone?
I questioned earnestly that Truth, my very conscious home,
This coat your seed desire was, whose fruit is now your own,
Created by yourself you must reap what you have sown.

Is this also the reason For the hardships of life?
Yes~ Each cause has its relation just as Husband has a Wife.
Every action its reaction has, with certainty that’s True.
Do good works results of which, shall mould your life anew.

Pray tell me why the difference twixt the people on this earth?
Why do some have poverty some no financial dearth?
Why some sad and others gay some sick and others strong?
Is this the outcome of past deeds of personal right and wrong?

You’ve spoken well and seem to know God’s Mathematical Law
All wrongs must be redressed indeed, this fact it has no flaw.
All rights are rewards in proportion and no more.
To each one is meted out his exact and proper score.

This unbribable Judge we people, call “The Karmic Law”.
The supervisor of the Fates of our worldly see-saw
Who justify balances the ups and downs of lives of man
Fitting the jigsaw of our fates as we ourselves had planned.

What proof Hamsa Atman, can one get of his former karma?
The proof your own existence, circumstances and your dharma.
Your individual present, tells your reciprocal past,
As per their past desires, people get their present task.

To the Truth is Truth begot, the liar gets his own,
So make your actions such, whose reactions you don’t moan,
To the likeness of your thinking shall your character be made,
Dig deep your mind for noble thoughts, with intellectual spade.

Oh Hamsa Spirit of my soul what is my final goal?
Is there any such remedy to break this karmic hold?
This duality of opposites, teach me to override.
Take me with thee oh spirit free, on to the other side.

I am the Sun you are my ray, you must become the whole,
By good conduct and service, your character shall mould,
By devotional meditation, I-your spirit shall unfold,
The ray become the blazing Sun, yourself as Me behold!

By Yog~Martand Yogiraj Siddhanath