Dear Hamsas,

I would like to share with you my Samadhi experience from the last UK retreat.

In the beginning, my ego was so strong that I slipped in and out of the meditation again and again. I can’t remember a single word he said although he was talking almost uninterruptedly. The mind tried to grasp those words but soon gave up and relaxed. After some time the ego got completely silent. No thoughts, no sense of the aching body, no sense of time.

I noticed the other disciples turn into a flat, extremely thin, rainbow colored film of light. This all happened while I kept watching my Master closely. His physical body turned into light, changing quickly from positive to negative light (like a negative slide). Then Gurunath’s face dissolved and then the whole body started dissolving. Inside me there was absolute stillness, calm and peace. No thoughts. It was a tremendous experience.

On Sunday, when photos were taken, Gurunath told us: “Look at me.” In a split second I again was in the state of Samadhi he took us to the day before. Even now, after one week, I do not really feel part of everyday life. I’m still somehow in a state of silent observer and I’m deeply grateful for this experience.

– Anonymous