humble HAMSA: a Disciple’s Poem

Dedicated to Yogiraj Satgurunath Siddhanath

By Ronald Paul Wiskup II – Devotee – 2017

The Hamsa lives in the higher mind
Within each of us,
The ones whom sought and will find

Ascending Mt. Meru
Piercing the Wheels of Light
Revealing the Universe in You

Septenary and serpentine
Seeking the seventh heaven
Within the cosmic dream

Secreting secrets with laborious effort in the laboratory of self
Being the experi-mente, the experiencer of mind
Knowing thy true self
Watching Maya’s illusions subside

Holding the Key of Life ☥
Balancing the day and the night
Ha-Tha Yog brings forth the lightless light

Swimming in Brahman
Amrita’s fountain of youthful delight
Becoming the immortal rainbow
The Hu-Man (God-Mind) birthright

Breathing the Ham-Sa
Nature’s pranic dew
To be still and know I am one with you.

© Ronald Paul Wiskup II,  August 16, 2017

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