Seva Opportunities; Service Before Self

Dear Hamsas,

It’s time for us to come together to spread SatGurunath’s knowledge and serve humanity as one’s larger self.

We are seeking seva warriors in the following areas:

⭐️ Video cataloging and auto-transcription – minimum of 3 hours per week. Being tech savvy will help.

⭐️ Video editing – Adobe Premier Pro experience will be useful.

⭐️ *Graphic design artwork – *Adobe photoshop and Canva experience will help.

⭐️ Local events – Sevaks for event management for retreats.

⭐️ Boosting Social Media Outreach – Marketing experience will help.

⭐️ *Website design and content development – *(WordPress Publishing and SEO)

Seva is selfless service, done without any thought of reward. Serving with a selfless attitude helps dissolve the ego. In the process of helping and serving, identity dissolves. When our identity is dissolved in service, the heart becomes crystal clear and reflects the divine.

It’s going to be a transformative and incredible experience for many new volunteers. If you are interested and ready to commit, please join the WhatsApp Seva group and share your interest. Click here to join!

SYS Seva Opportunities WhatsApp Group Invite



The holiday season at the ashram was a merry and joyous experience, in the presence of our Satguru Yogiraj SatGurunath Siddhanath. In preparation for Christmas, Hamsas decorated trees in the dining area, and festive lights adorned some of the buildings including the Earth Peace Temple and the Annapurna Temple.

On Christmas Eve, there was a spontaneous satsang in the dining area. Gurunath wore a red coat and a Santa hat. It felt as if we were all children again, innocently sitting in the presence of Santa Claus. Led by Gurunath, we joyously sang bhakti chants, including “Om Namah Shivaya” to the tune of “Joy to the World”. The German and Italian Hamsas brought cakes from their respective countries, and together we celebrated the holidays in good cheer.

On New Year’s Eve, Hamsas practiced Kundalini Kriya Yoga together in the Nataraj Meditation Hall. Afterwards, there was a satsang in the Chota Nath Mandala, where Gurunath guided us on the Way of the White Swan.

We then all gathered at the earthen hearth at the foothills of the Earth Peace Temple, to share a warm meal with Gurunath and Gurumata. Tandoori paneer and pineapple, naan, a rice dish, and dessert were among the delicious vegetarian food lovingly prepared and overseen by Gurumata.

After dinner, Gurunath had a satsang by a bonfire. We sat around the fire under the stars, as 2023 became 2024. Gurunath said, “Always start the year thinking of God, meditating.”

Thank You SatGurunath, for the blessing of Your Presence.
Bolo Sri SatGurunath Maharaj Ki Jai!