Yogiraj’s Experiential Address at the United Nations

On Thursday October 25th 2007, history was made as Yogiraj Gurunath gave an address at the United Nations that not only delivered an urgent message of Earth peace, but also included his sharing with the audience the experience of Soul Consciousness (his experience dubbed “Shivapat“). Surely this is the first time in history that a Yogi has given the “no-mind” state of natural enlightenment to a United Nations caucus.

We hope that Yogiraj’s appearance at this event will help open the door to a deeper spiritual understanding for some of the more powerful people of our world to see, as Yogiraj states in his speech, that a subjective inner spiritual growth amongst the people of the earth must accompany the outer objective works, such as charity and education, for our world to truly achieve peace and harmony.

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Prayer to Sanctify Food

From Yogiraj Gurunath

(in Marathi)


Oh Lord, let us think of Thee

While we take every morsel of food

Let us think of Thee

Let us not think of food as things to eat but as thy food

Let us think of it as a spiritual act

Thou art the food, the eater and digester

May this food give us the good sense to worship thee

And Love thee.

An Interview with Awareness Magazine

“Closely Guarded Himalayan Secrets – Revealed!”

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From God To Man And Back

“It is necessary for human life to first gain experience in maya and then evolve its way up to its own spiritual self. First comes the involution of consciousness into matter and then evolution of matter into consciousness.”

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The Hamsanath Yogi

Evolution into Brahma’s cave

by Yogiraj Siddhanath

The end of physical evolution is the perfection of the mammalian form. The end of mental evolution is the perfection of the human mind. And the end of spiritual evolution is the full expression of one’s consciousness of natural enlightenment. From prehistoric man with his mind enmeshed in the senses we have gradually evolved to the human man with his mind centered in the intellect. And now we must follow the evolutionary process of yoga whereby we may become divine beings expressing our consciousness of natural enlightenment.

The evolutionary process of Yoga whereby we may become divine beings is brought about by levels of initiation, which means the expansion of human consciousness. This is brought about by the definite intermediation of the Guru. These initiations mark the stages of the spiritual progress of the yogi and the Satguru takes upon himself the instruction and guardianship of his disciple. The furthering of human awareness gives the key to knowledge and opens up new centers of power so that the soul may become more serviceable to the world.

In the human brain exists the corpus callosum, in the shape of a Swan in Flight, with its wing-like ventricles thrust towards the forehead and its head pointing to the back as though the Swan is flying faster than light back to the future. When a Hamsa Yogi, through meditation and pranayam, activates the Kundalini energy, then these ventricles in the brain open up. The two petals in the Agya Chakra open. The yogi, at this stage, experiences Hamsa Consciousness, being breathed by the Divine In-dweller.

The Sushumna channel in the spinal chord is the highway through which the Kundalini energy travels and the evolution of consciousness takes place. Kundalini is the Kinetic Energy remaining after the completion of the Universe. This residual bioelectric force lies as light/sound vibrations at the root of the spinal chord. To avail of it for one’s own evolution and realization is the birthright of every human soul. As the Hamsanath Yogi progresses in his meditation, the third eye opens up to increasing levels of consciousness, until he arrives at the Cave of Brahma, the brain’s third ventricle. Then his awareness expands beyond the ‘‘I-ness’’ of humanity to settle in the lateral ventricles of the brain, where he becomes the Siddhanath Yogi. The mighty Hamsa Soul then wins its wings to freedom. As the subtle fibres of his corona radiata light up with divine effulgence he takes flight into cosmic consciousness, attaining the state of Avadhootnath Yogi. He then experiences the total divinity of and beyond creation, gaining the ultimate knowledge of Tat Tvam Asi (That Thou Art). The Yogi then merges into Niranjan, the final Nirvana.