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Yogiraj Siddhanath’s Contribution to the World Yogic Treasury

Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhanath SHIVAPAT– Sharing his Enlightened Consciousness of thoughtless awareness resulting in Spiritual Evolution which brings about a Unified Field of Consciousness amongst the people. SHAKTIPAT – Transmitting center to center in the disciple’s Chakras the Kundalini Energy which burns their negative karmas. PRANAPAT – Breathing His spiritual Prana (life force) through the breath of the disciples […]

An Ocean of Loving Healing Energy at Carlsbad

An Ocean of Loving Healing Energy at Carlsbad It is not often that we are given the opportunity to be a part of something that will not only change us, but is also world changing. Combining the powerful energies of the sun and the ocean with Yogiraj’s loving energy is a combination that will help […]

Yoga: Our Parent Source, a Conversation with Yogiraj

YOGA: Our Parent Source A Conversation with Yogiraj Siddhanath By Sergio Barreto Solis Sergio: Welcome, Yogiraj.  Let’s start with an obvious which, likely, isn’t.  What is the purpose of Yoga? Yogiraj: The purpose of Yoga is You, and the purpose of You is your finite consciousness merging into Infinite Consciousness.  Yoga is Consciousness.  And Supreme Yoga […]

The presence of a true ‪#‎master‬ can awaken the ‪#‎kundalini‬. And then by the practice of ‪#‎Kriya_Yoga‬, it may ‪#‎ascend‬.

The Sacred Science of Kriya Yoga  Come and experience the healing and bliss of Gurunath as thousands before have done.  The Hamsa Yoga New Life Awakening retreats are very special events, unlike any other retreats you have attended. During these Retreats, you will learn very powerful and potent yoga meditation methods which lead you to […]

Kriya Yoga Initiation & Review – Greater Philly Area

Sunday May 4, 2014 – Sunday May 4, 2014 | Register Description: MEDITATION INNOVATION – “Be the architect of your own happiness,the secret resides in your breath” – Yogiraj SatGurunath Siddhanath The KEY is KUNDALINI KRIYA YOGA. BEGINNERS: You are cordially invited to participate in Kriya Initiation and Review event on Sunday from 9:30 am […]

Kriya Yoga Intensive Camp (German Hamsas)

Thursday March 27, 2014 – Sunday April 6, 2014 | Register Description: This Kriya Yoga Intensive camp is for hamsa group from Germany. Please contact event coordinators for more information. Seats are limited, please call or email for reserving your seat. Please note that your seat is not reserved till you receive the confirmation email. […]


HYS Event Attendee Release & Disclaimer I WAIVE, RELEASE, AND DISCHARGE from any and all liability any action occurring to me including but not limited to disability, personal injury, property damage, property theft, or actions of any kind which may hereafter occur to me including my traveling to and from this event, THE FOLLOWING ENTITIES […]