This is my account of an experience I had during the Shivranjan Kriya meditation retreat at the Siddhanath Forest Ashram in January, 2024.

It was the alchemical tea session with Yogiraj by the swimming pool area of the ashram on the lawn over the slope. It was a starry night with a peaceful and divine ambience. As Yogiraj’s satsang continued, I was tuned into the aura of SatGurunath. Everyone was in a blissful state of calmness.

While I listened to and watched the Master, I started noticing that Satgurunath’s image would totally vanish from my eyesight for a while. He would disappear, and the next moment, he was visible in his place.

I sat more alertly to reconfirm it and to my goodness this same phenomenon continued throughout the session. Every time, I could trace out the table and the cell phone light, which was kept in front of him, but he completely disappeared from my vision. He was audible to me as the satsang continued.

About 8 to 10 times I saw him disappearing and reappearing in front of my eyes. It was such an amazing and real experience for me which reminded me of Yogiraj repeatedly explaining to us about the Satguru as an individuality and not the personality. I was also thinking to myself that since I used to do my Kriya daily, in spite of my efforts, it seemed quite difficult to see Yogiraj’s image at my third eye. I used to meditate upon a blank space without any image. On this day, I was convinced that our Master is in fact, that nothingness which is the part and constituent of the universal consciousness.

Soulful pranam and gratitude at the lotus feet of our beloved master Yogiraj SatGurunath!