Yogiraj Siddhanath’s Contribution to the World Yogic Treasury

Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhanath
  1. SHIVAPAT– Sharing his Enlightened Consciousness of thoughtless awareness resulting in Spiritual Evolution which brings about a Unified Field of Consciousness amongst the people.
  2. SHAKTIPAT – Transmitting center to center in the disciple’s Chakras the Kundalini Energy which burns their negative karmas.
  3. PRANAPAT – Breathing His spiritual Prana (life force) through the breath of the disciples in their spinal cord flushing out all toxins & emotional stress.
  4. HAMSA – The Hamsa means the Swan and symbolizes the Soul. In meditation, Yogiraj has seen the Hamsa Swan symbolized in the lateral ventricles of his brain. These superconscious states of a Yogi  are clearly documented in his film “Wings to Freedom”. He bestows these states on deserving disciples who have practiced Kriya Yoga assiduously.
  5. BABAJI’S MYSTERY UNVEILED –  Yogiraj reveals that Shiva Goraksha, the Supreme Master of Yoga, and the Babaji mentioned in Yogananda’s Autobiography are one and the same person. This is clearly researched in his book “Babaji – The Lightning Standing Still”.
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