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Seva Opportunities; Service Before Self

Dear Hamsas,

It’s time for us to come together to spread SatGurunath’s knowledge and serve humanity as one’s larger self.

We are seeking seva warriors in the following areas:

⭐️ Video cataloging and auto-transcription – minimum of 3 hours per week. Being tech savvy will help.

⭐️ Video editing – Adobe Premier Pro experience will be useful.

⭐️ *Graphic design artwork – *Adobe photoshop and Canva experience will help.

⭐️ Local events – Sevaks for event management for retreats.

⭐️ Boosting Social Media Outreach – Marketing experience will help.

⭐️ *Website design and content development – *(WordPress Publishing and SEO)

Seva is selfless service, done without any thought of reward. Serving with a selfless attitude helps dissolve the ego. In the process of helping and serving, identity dissolves. When our identity is dissolved in service, the heart becomes crystal clear and reflects the divine.

It’s going to be a transformative and incredible experience for many new volunteers. If you are interested and ready to commit, please join the WhatsApp Seva group and share your interest. Click here to join!

SYS Seva Opportunities WhatsApp Group Invite



The holiday season at the ashram was a merry and joyous experience, in the presence of our Satguru Yogiraj SatGurunath Siddhanath. In preparation for Christmas, Hamsas decorated trees in the dining area, and festive lights adorned some of the buildings including the Earth Peace Temple and the Annapurna Temple.

On Christmas Eve, there was a spontaneous satsang in the dining area. Gurunath wore a red coat and a Santa hat. It felt as if we were all children again, innocently sitting in the presence of Santa Claus. Led by Gurunath, we joyously sang bhakti chants, including “Om Namah Shivaya” to the tune of “Joy to the World”. The German and Italian Hamsas brought cakes from their respective countries, and together we celebrated the holidays in good cheer.

On New Year’s Eve, Hamsas practiced Kundalini Kriya Yoga together in the Nataraj Meditation Hall. Afterwards, there was a satsang in the Chota Nath Mandala, where Gurunath guided us on the Way of the White Swan.

We then all gathered at the earthen hearth at the foothills of the Earth Peace Temple, to share a warm meal with Gurunath and Gurumata. Tandoori paneer and pineapple, naan, a rice dish, and dessert were among the delicious vegetarian food lovingly prepared and overseen by Gurumata.

After dinner, Gurunath had a satsang by a bonfire. We sat around the fire under the stars, as 2023 became 2024. Gurunath said, “Always start the year thinking of God, meditating.”

Thank You SatGurunath, for the blessing of Your Presence.
Bolo Sri SatGurunath Maharaj Ki Jai!


Dear Hamsas,

I would like to share with you my Samadhi experience from the last UK retreat.

In the beginning, my ego was so strong that I slipped in and out of the meditation again and again. I can’t remember a single word he said although he was talking almost uninterruptedly. The mind tried to grasp those words but soon gave up and relaxed. After some time the ego got completely silent. No thoughts, no sense of the aching body, no sense of time.

I noticed the other disciples turn into a flat, extremely thin, rainbow colored film of light. This all happened while I kept watching my Master closely. His physical body turned into light, changing quickly from positive to negative light (like a negative slide). Then Gurunath’s face dissolved and then the whole body started dissolving. Inside me there was absolute stillness, calm and peace. No thoughts. It was a tremendous experience.

On Sunday, when photos were taken, Gurunath told us: “Look at me.” In a split second I again was in the state of Samadhi he took us to the day before. Even now, after one week, I do not really feel part of everyday life. I’m still somehow in a state of silent observer and I’m deeply grateful for this experience.

– Anonymous


Being in the presence of a Master; a true, realized, Master, is one of the. most magical experiences that a disciple can experience.

I was sitting with the others, trying to follow the spiritual indications of my Master while my mind was full of thoughts. . .so loud and annoying!

“My God,” I said to myself. “Why isn’t the ego silent?” And the thoughts responded by growing louder in my mind.

And then suddenly…Bam! My thoughts were so distant that I could no longer hear them, like the whisper of a distant wind.

My brain was full of light, and light, everywhere around me!

The ego was an insignificant speck of dust compared to the Light and Divine Love that spread inside me.

We are Divine beings, not our ego. This is the experience, the gift of Yogiraj SatGurunath Siddhanath for all the souls of humanity.

Om Namah Shivaya


At the end of the Carlsbad retreat in Southern California this summer, we had a wonderful unanticipated experience. As is customary at the end of all of Gurunath’s retreats, group photographs were taken. For the final photographs that include the whole group, Gurunath wanted us all to turn around and face the back of the room. Gurunath sat in a chair at the back of the room with a large window behind him. After all the photographs were taken, he suddenly and unexpectedly guided us into states of samadhi. His face transformed and sometimes looked like the negative of a photograph, the kind of photograph that used to be taken before the digital age. When he took us to an Ananda state, I felt blissful and had tears of joy rolling down my cheek. At first, I tried to practice the Kriya breath. Then I had a hard time getting the breath to go down my spine. It only wanted to stay in the upper parts of my body. Then for what seemed like a long period of time, it didn’t seem necessary to breathe at all. I realized later that this was a state of kevali kumbhak. Gurunath transported us to a state of absolute stillness. I can’t really describe what it was like, but it was an amazing experience.After Gurunath brought us back to a normal state and we opened our eyes, a five-year-old girl among us wanted to ask Gurunath a question. She wanted to know where God was, if He was in front of her or behind. Gurunath thought for a moment about the best way to answer her. “My dear,” he said. “God is everywhere.” Gurunath explained that when he spoke to her, God was speaking through him. Similarly, when she had asked her question, God was speaking through her. The little girl seemed dissatisfied with this answer. She said that she wanted to see God. Gurunath then invited her to come up to him and look in his eyes so she could see God. She accepted the invitation and walked up close to Gurunath to gaze into his eyes. She said that when she looked into Gurunath’s eyes, she saw a blue sparkly diamond.

Then one of the adults at the satsang said he wanted to see God, too. Gurunath told him that he could view his (Gurunath’s) physical body. He said that the experience he had given us would last not just for a day but for our whole lifetime. Speaking of himself, he told us very seriously, “You don’t know what you have.”


By Yogiraj Satgurunath Siddhanath

Wild flowers so fresh in life
Breeze through alleys of my mind
Fragrancing memories of the past
In mountain lakes reflections cast

In wooded valleys berries crushed
The flavor of the mystic musk
Within me did old memories rise
Devotions to the sunset skies

Forest aroma deep in damp
Wild smell of the wooded pines
Oh! the déjà vu of jungle times
Of long past meditations lives

Where in sylvan bowers I sat
Not in this world nor in that
Just in the joy of Selfing mirth
The odor of the fragrant earth!

My mind a laughing gurgling stream
Running the bedrocks mossy green
Becomes a calm meandering dream
Flowing into Myself serene

My melting mind a flowing stream
Entered the rainbow ocean light
There was no fear nor sorrows night
Except awareness and delight

How long I sat there no one knows
The eventide its shadows cast
In many a sunrise rays I basked
No one came nor ever asked

The trivial round the common task
Meditation then to me became
A natural mind in tune so tame
Transcending frivolous name and fame

Just being quiet was so good
A lying log, a forest wood
Moving with the natural breeze
Amidst the deep dark forest trees

With body dead consciousness live
Expanding in eternal skies
Beyond mayas conditioned dream
The self merging in Self supreme.


Your Stories About Yogiraj  “As usual, it’s not easy to find words to describe Nath, but the Atmanar was a deeply transformational and unfathomable experience where there really was no boundary between us and our Beloved Master. Like He brought us all back to life, giving our sadhana a reboot and taking us beyond where we’d previously managed to reach. Feel so much gratitude for what we’ll never be able to quantify or fully grasp. Even typing these words about Him has settled my mind. Jai SatGuruNath!
– Atmanaar Attendee



We are collecting testimonials from around the world from people who have experienced the specialness of Yogiraj’s presence in their lives.  Whether you’ve experienced Yogiraj in a dream or have met him in real life, we’d love to know your story.  Your testimonial will be kept private for Yogiraj if you choose or you may wish to share openly in Siddhanath Newsletter and social media. Yogiraj invites you to share your experiences at testimonial.vps105180.inmotionhosting.com


The Mahashivratri Retreat and Hamsa Pilgrimage to the Himalayas were profound, healing, sacred, and joy-filled events. The days were filled with satsangs, sadhana, seva, and catching up with Hamsas from around the world. As usual, the Italian Hamsa family operated the Hamsa Cafe, serving excellent Italian coffee and snacks to SatGurunath, Guruma, and caffeine hungry disciples, creating an ideal setting for impromptu satsangs as SatGurunath enjoyed his coffee.











Each day felt timeless; the outside world totally irrelevant. Seeking “Nothing” and doing “Nothing” were the primary focus of all – experiencing the silent bliss of God by being with The Presence who could transport us to these states. Day and night, perpetually and forever, SatGurunath worked on the evolution of our consciousness – whether in our waking or sleeping state.

Mahashivratri itself was a momentous day, and SatGurunath shared the scientific meaning of this day, available in the video of the month, “The Scientific Meaning of Mahashivratri”. The Nandi that had been in front of SatGurunath’s meditation cave near the dining area for years was consecrated in its new home in front of the temple entrance. This day was further celebrated by musical performances by classical Indian musicians and dancers and with Abishek of the mercury Shivalingham later in the evening. That night, SatGurunath held a goshti, or fireside satsang that continued on into the early hours of the morning. What a treat and blessing!

The Himalayas welcomed SatGurunath with a beautiful sunset on our arrival in Dehradun.  We spent one night in Rishikesh, then departed on the long drive up the mountain towards Ushamath – the location of the Omakareshwar temple, more commonly known as the wedding place of Krishna’s grandson to Usha.  However, SatGurunath shared that this temple is blessed, protected by, and a place to worship the great Mahandatta, who stands behind the statue of Lord Shiva when you look carefully within the sanctum sanctorum of the temple.  Lucky disciples also got to visit the Kali Math temple.

The pilgrimage ended in Rishikesh where a satsang by the banks of the Ganges took place, and disciples bathed and rafted in the holy waters. It felt like these pilgrimages took years off of our physical lives and progressed us years in our spiritual lives.  Jai SatGurunath!



We welcome all Hamsas to join us in raising funds for the Annapurna Temple at the Yogiraj Siddhanath Forest Ashram in Pune, India.

You can donate with PayPal at donate@vps105180.inmotionhosting.com. When donating, please add a note “For Annapurna Temple”. 

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