The Miracles of Yogiraj SatGurunath Siddhanath
Who is Yogiraj Siddhanath?
Yogiraj SatGurunath Siddhanath , a master of Kriya Yoga, embodies the ancient wisdom of “Raj Yoga” or “Royal Yoga.” Unlike Hatha Yoga styles like Iyengar or Ashtanga, Kriya Yoga focuses on pranayama practices, moving the breath with concentration up and down the spine. “Yogiraj” means “Royal Yogi,” reflecting both his mastery and his heritage as a descendant of the royal family of Ikshavaku Rama. Born on May 10, 1944, in Gwalior, India, Yogiraj began entering deep meditative states by the age of three.

Over the decades, he has traveled globally, sharing his teachings across the US, Canada, England, Ireland, Germany, Australia, Singapore, and India. His ashram in Pune, India, established over forty years ago, is a serene haven where devotees from around the world gather for MahaShivratri and Himalayan temple tours. Yogiraj and his wife continually improve the facilities, welcoming guests as part of their spiritual family.
Achievements and Teachings

Yogiraj Siddhanath has authored several influential books, including “Babaji: The Lightning Standing Still,” awarded as the Most Influential Book of the New Millennium by the American Authors Association in 2011. His writings explore high states of consciousness, such as savikalpa and nirvikalpa samadhi. In his events, he guides participants into deep meditative states, helping them experience samadhi and initiating them into Kriya Yoga by activating their kundalini energy.

On May 10, 2013, he was honored with the titles of Yog Maartand (Supreme Sun of Spiritual Splendor) and Chhatrapati Shivaji Raje Ratna (Precious Jewel) by the highest authority on Sanatan Dharma in India.

A Miracle Summer in 2022
In the summer of 2022, after two near-death experiences, I delved deeper into traditional Hindu holidays to enhance my understanding as a yoga and meditation teacher. During this period, a series of events unfolded that seemed to connect to the karmic influences of Shani Jayanti (the Saturn birthday celebration).

After my boyfriend contracted pneumonia during a flight, I too fell ill. Despite my worsening condition, I felt compelled to visit a local Hanuman temple in San Diego for Shani Jayanti. There, I encountered an unusually stern glare from the statue of Shirdi Sai Baba, a figure connected to my guru in a past life. The next day, my condition deteriorated rapidly, leading to a hospital visit where I was diagnosed with viral and bacterial pneumonia and sepsis. Remarkably, this life-threatening episode coincided with Shani Jayanti, which fell on my birthday.

My miraculous survival, which aligned with the teachings of Yogiraj Siddhanath, reinforced my faith in the protective power of Kriya Yoga. As Yogiraj predicted, regular practice can safeguard one’s life.
Upcoming Events

Yogiraj SatGurunath Siddhanath will be in the USA in the summer of 2024. For more information about his upcoming events, please visit Siddhanath Events USA.

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