Your Stories About Yogiraj  “As usual, it’s not easy to find words to describe Nath, but the Atmanar was a deeply transformational and unfathomable experience where there really was no boundary between us and our Beloved Master. Like He brought us all back to life, giving our sadhana a reboot and taking us beyond where we’d previously managed to reach. Feel so much gratitude for what we’ll never be able to quantify or fully grasp. Even typing these words about Him has settled my mind. Jai SatGuruNath!
– Atmanaar Attendee

Your Stories About Yogiraj 



We are collecting testimonials from around the world from people who have experienced the specialness of Yogiraj’s presence in their lives.  Whether you’ve experienced Yogiraj in a dream or have met him in real life, we’d love to know your story.  Your testimonial will be kept private for Yogiraj if you choose or you may wish to share openly in Siddhanath Newsletter and social media. Yogiraj invites you to share your experiences at