Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhanath Travels to Europe and the USA to Teach World Peace Yoga

Himalayan Yogi Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhanath brings a unique message of peace to audiences across the world through kriya yoga and a new world tour.

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Yogiraj Siddhanath Speaks Peace at the United Nations
Earth peace through Self peace
San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) June 10, 2015
For generations, many have sought to bring world peace to the planet. While peace has been cultivated in certain geographic regions, a global peace remains elusive. The concept of world peace seems to have become cliché.
Renowned teacher, author, and spiritual leader Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhanath, however, believes world peace is possible. Yogiraj thinks that it’s simply not pursued in an effective way. Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhanath has a unique view of world peace and he’s sharing this as a practice with audiences across the world, through his books and this international tour.
The Tour stops in over twelve cities along with three spectacular retreats. The first retreat is along the Pacific Ocean in Carlsbad, the second at the base of Mt Shasta, and the third retreat is in the Catskill Mountains, New York. More information is available on the Siddhanath.org website.
Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhanath taught the concept of world peace for more than five decades. In fact, peace is the topic on which he established his foundation as a teacher. At the core, his message is and has been one of “Earth peace through Self peace”. An idea that, by yogic breathing, meditation and self-reconciliation, a broader, global sense of camaraderie can be developed, what Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhanath calls world peace yoga.
Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhanath has brought this unique doctrine to audiences across the planet. Yogiraj has taught this message of peace at the esteemed United Nations, and at the same time amassed millions of views on his popular YouTube channel. Recently, the master’s views on Earth peace have been compiled and shared in a book, called Babaji: The Lightning Standing Still.
The book is, nominally, a newly revealed study of the ancient figure called Babaji, the progenitor of Yoga. The book includes insights into the ancient practice of kriya yoga given by Babaji, plus, Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhanath’s instructions on how Earth peace, through inner peace is manifested. It is a far-reaching work that Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhanath describes as the culmination of his life’s work. Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhanath is sharing the book with world audiences throughout the summer. The world tour begins in Pune, India, moves from Asia to Europe and then to the United States in July, August and September. The US visit will span from New York to California.
Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhanath’s visit will include multi-day teaching events and yoga retreats. At all of the tour stops, the author and teacher will expound upon the doctrine of “Earth peace through Self peace.” Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhanath says that while in the West, Yoga is often viewed as physical postures. In India, Yoga has long been the gateway to profound, inner peace. In his own words, “The alpha and omega of yoga is self realization” – in essence, the most lasting inner peace humanly possible..
For details about Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhanath’s tour and where to see him in-person, visit his website:https://www.siddhanath.org. The website also offers books, poetry and videos as well as in-depth information about his life’s mission.

Yogiraj Siddhanath’s Contribution to the World Yogic Treasury

Nath in San Franscisco
Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhanath
  1. SHIVAPAT Sharing his Enlightened Consciousness of thoughtless awareness resulting in Spiritual Evolution which brings about a Unified Field of Consciousness amongst the people.
  2. SHAKTIPAT – Transmitting center to center in the disciple’s Chakras the Kundalini Energy which burns their negative karmas.
  3. PRANAPAT – Breathing His spiritual Prana (life force) through the breath of the disciples in their spinal cord flushing out all toxins & emotional stress.
  4. HAMSA – The Hamsa means the Swan and symbolizes the Soul. In meditation, Yogiraj has seen the Hamsa Swan symbolized in the lateral ventricles of his brain. These superconscious states of a Yogi  are clearly documented in his film “Wings to Freedom”. He bestows these states on deserving disciples who have practiced Kriya Yoga assiduously.
  5. BABAJI’S MYSTERY UNVEILED –  Yogiraj reveals that Shiva Goraksha, the Supreme Master of Yoga, and the Babaji mentioned in Yogananda’s Autobiography are one and the same person. This is clearly researched in his book “Babaji – The Lightning Standing Still”.

An Ocean of Loving Healing Energy at Carlsbad

An Ocean of Loving Healing Energy at Carlsbad

It is not often that we are given the opportunity to be a part of something that will not only change us, but is also world changing. Combining the powerful energies of the sun and the ocean with Yogiraj’s loving energy is a combination that will help unlock our own inner light and open us to the mysteries and love within and around us.

From testimonies of some of those who have attended previous year’s retreats at Carlsbad, it is clear that the energy levels seem to be particularly heightened by the presence of the Pacific Ocean at the doorstep of this venue. Many spiritual and emotional healings have taken place over the last couple of years at this retreat.
The oceanfront location in Carlsbad could be the most powerful and emotionally moving event of Yogiraj’s tour this year. We will all be sharing an oceanfront meditation with Yogiraj on the beach. Yogiraj’s healing transmissions during this retreat will be working specifically on the chakras to ease and clear our emotional suffering.

In today’s world, with all its social disharmony and anger, the clearing of our chakras and getting them balanced is necessary for not only good mental and emotional health, but also for our spiritual growth. We live in a world where our uncontrolled feelings and emotions can cause us great suffering; so healing them with loving energy will help give us greater wisdom to take our spiritual journey forward.

In particular, Yogiraj will be focusing healing energies on the second chakra, which when unbalanced, makes us feel disconnected and emotionally unstable. It can cause us to have heightened fears of change, blocked creativity and expression, as well as making us feel depressed. When this chakra is in balance we will experience sensations of wellness, pleasure, gratitude, and joy along with better physical and emotional health.

The elemental nature of the second chakra (Svadhisthana) is water. This special meditation and transmission with Yogiraj, combined with the elemental nature of the vast ocean will focus this powerful healing force on each of us. As personally tailored by Yogiraj, the transmission will prove to be a powerful healing experience for those who come. This is an opportunity to change your life focus and direction – a chance for true healing in the presence of a Master! 

Yoga: Our Parent Source, a Conversation with Yogiraj

YOGA: Our Parent Source
A Conversation with Yogiraj Siddhanath
By Sergio Barreto Solis
Welcome, Yogiraj.  Let’s start with an obvious which, likely, isn’t.  What is
the purpose of Yoga?

The purpose of Yoga is You, and the purpose of You is your finite
consciousness merging into Infinite Consciousness.  Yoga is Consciousness.  And Supreme Yoga is Divine

each of us is this mystic, inconceivable, indescribable Silence and Love
and this urge (calling us) back to our naturalness, or Sahaj Samadhi, our
natural state of Divine Consciousness.

Yoga is the science, the way, and the path to actualize the essence of your
Being.  It has nothing to do with culture or religion.  It’s just your path
to Truth.  It’s an inner ascent through ever more refined and ever more
expanded spheres of Consciousness to Divinity, that stillness before the
Big Bang; a stillness which lies at the core of your own Being.

Is samadhi something we’ve experienced and forgotten?

Yogiraj: Samadhi is a natural state of enlightenment.  When Consciousness enters different
sheaths of the body, there is a descent of this awareness into grosser and
grosser sheaths.  And this is what is
called Maya.  Consciousness enters the mental sheath.  Then it enters the
astral sheath of emotions.  And then
it enters the etheric sheath, and then it enters the womb and the material
sheath of flesh and blood and bone. 

it gets more and more restricted as it, in relative sequence, by various
permutations, combinations, and aggregation of molecules, becomes denser
and denser and denser.  That’s why
man, when he takes birth from the womb of a mother, his breath penetrates
and injects his physical body with such force that the cause is mistaken
for the effect, and man idolatrously imagines himself to be the body and
not the Soul.  And then, by practice
of yoga and other techniques, “he” goes back to the natural state of

the breath is infused into the flesh with such force that you think you are
the body, whereas you are actually the Soul.  And Yoga is a technique to reverse the
electrical flow of prana, or life
essence energy, to regain paradise lost.  And when you, by the yogic
process, reverse your process, interiorize — you merge into your own Divine
Consciousness and realize that you are a Soul and you have a body.

the common people today think they are a body and possess a Soul.  It’s not
that!  Yoga teaches that you are a Spirit unfettered in the body and possess
an appendix, an attachment of “body,” that is just your garment.

What is the Yoga of the Himalayas and how is it distinguished from “Studio
Yoga” taught in the West?

There is only one Yoga. The apparent difference between all yoga branches
is only of degree and not of kind. To a Knowing Master, the various yogas
can be organized in an ascending order from the physical postural yoga
(known as Yoga Asanas) to the emotional / devotional Bhakti Yoga then
further ascending to the more mental Mantra, Tantra and Laya Yogas then
ascending and expanding further into the intuitional Raja and Gyan Yoga of
true knowledge.

they say yoga here in the West, they mostly imply postural integration —
asanas, where they do the Yoga Asanas, the movement of body in various
postures, to bring about health. Yoga Asanas are like a self-given shiatsu,
self-given massage where you press and compress your body, you heal
yourself with them.

basically and essentially, Yoga is not postures of integration of asanas.
Essentially, the core meaning of Yoga is Samadhi which means “composed mind,” the union of the finite
with Infinite Consciousness.

“Studio Yoga” is the initial tenderfoot, yet sincere effort of most Western
teachers to maintain bodily fitness and then further ascend toward the one
Yoga which is Samadhi, the fusion of the finite with the Infinite
Consciousness.  The urge is to go back to our Parent Source.

Why is the guidance of a guru or meditation master important to the
practice of Yoga?

Yoga is a natural process of the journey of the soul towards its parent
source, the Spirit.  But it takes a million, million years for a soul to
reach its natural state of Yoga-union with its Infinite Spirit.

order to avoid all karmic pitfalls and difficulties and to make the journey
of our soul safer, swifter, and more blessed, it is most important that one
evolves himself in his journey by the grace of a divine master, one who has
realized Samadhi-Yoga, or the True State of Infinite Consciousness.

a normal meditation practitioner would take to accomplish in several
million years, the blessings of a Satguru, or Master, and the technique of
Kriya Yoga would accomplish in twenty-four years, in twelve years even,
and, if the practice is intensified, in six years and three years in very exceptional

the unchartered ocean of life, the Satguru is the navigator and the goal is
Shiva’s Divine Form, or realized Samadhi Yoga, the goal of Divine
Consciousness. Under no stretch of imagination, can the Satguru’s
usefulness be dispensed within Himalayan Yoga or any yoga.

What then is Kriya Yoga? How does it differ from other systems of Yoga?

At the outset let me make it clear that all the yogas and faiths and
spiritual practices in the world are the symphony of one divine orchestra,
it is the immature ego in the human mind which makes of this harmony a
disharmony.  All the yogas, if
understood in their proper wisdom, are flowing one into the other as the
musical notes and varied instruments. 
Similarly, the practice of postural yoga, of Yoga Asanas flows into
Hatha Yoga which flows into Kriya Yoga, which flows into Raja Yoga and then
into Samadhi Yoga.

a matter of real fact, Kriya Yoga takes the best of all yogas: it is a
connecting yoga between Hatha and Raja Yogas containing the properties of
both and linking the spectrum of all. 
Patanjali mentions Kriya Yoga in his second chapter which comprises
self-endeavored discipline, self-endeavored study, and a pure offering of
one’s self to the Divine, be it as Guru or God.

Yoga is the science of life-force energy control which develops into a
concentration and then a meditative practice until Kriya Yoga finally
merges that into states of Samadhi and is then qualified to be called Raja

the mind is dissolved, then this yoga expands into the ecstasy of total
enlightenment called Kaivalya or Brahma Nirvana.  It is from and with this
total enlightenment that the Satguru guides aspiring practitioners towards
Samadhi, home, to their Parent Source.

over 40 years, Yogiraj Siddhanath has healed and transformed millions all
over the world with his kundalini shakti transmissions, sharing freely his
own Samadhi (enlightened state) of peaceful bliss-consciousness with public
audiences.  Find out more at: www.siddhanath.org

The Sacred Science of Kriya Yoga 

Come and experience the healing and bliss of Gurunath as thousands before have done.  The Hamsa Yoga New Life Awakening retreats are very special events, unlike any other retreats you have attended. During these Retreats, you will learn very powerful and potent yoga meditation methods which lead you to self-mastery & enlightenment, continuously receive healing transmission of Shaktipat energy (Kundalini energy) from the Master, and get a boast to your spiritual progress by Shivapat (when he shares his Samadhi – Enlightened Soul Consciousness), which will speed up the evolution of your soul.

These experiential New Life Awakening Retreats are perfect opportunities to recharge yourself and make significant progress in your spiritual practice. Each Retreat gives your true Self a period of spiritual renewal, quiet reflection, and further teachings from our beloved Yogiraj.

Sign-up today for Events with Yogiraj Siddhanath.. https://www.siddhanath.org/events/yogiraj-events 

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