Who is Shiv Goraksha Babaji?

Who is Shiv Goraksha Babaji?Shiv Goraksha Babaji holds the power of life and death.
He embodies eternal knowledge and is the source from which all ancient avatars, prophets, and divine incarnations have sprung. Legends about him are widespread throughout India. Known by many names, he is often referred to as the Nameless One, overseeing humanity from eternity to eternity. Even as heaven and earth may pass away, he remains eternally present. His spiritual stature is beyond the understanding of sages, siddhas, philosophers, and yogis. He represents the collective essence of the nine Nath Lords and has infused creation with wisdom and truth to redeem all life and matter to their original state of consciousness.

Shiv Goraksha Babaji is regarded as an incarnation of Lord Shiva. He has given humanity practices to evolve human consciousness, particularly through the divine alchemy of Shiva Shakti (Kundalini Kriya Yoga), which accelerates self-evolution, expands consciousness, and burns away past karma.  As the founder of the Nath Tradition, Babaji reveals himself only to a chosen few and typically remains invisible, guiding humanity through his disciples. He has revived the ancient science of God-realization in modern times, with his mission continuing through his disciples.

There is a profound mystery and sacrifice to the ninth level of Divine Awareness, a state of Brahma Nirvana, from which Babaji descends to redeem humanity while maintaining his divine state. He embodies the collective consciousness of the seven primordial sages born at the beginning of time. Despite being the total light of the highest Elohim, Babaji has left a finite portion of his infinite consciousness to evolve humanity into divinity. This portion manifests among humans as needed, guiding the evolution of humanity until liberation.
Who is Shiv Goraksha Babaji?


Babaji is known as the Eternal Now, the Visible-Invisible Savior of humanity.
He was never born and can never die, often referred to as “aja” (the unborn). Occasionally, he manifests in a form of “Lightless Light” to guide humanity, pulling back the veil of illusion (Maya) to take a visible form. He enlightens human consciousness according to each individual’s evolutionary blueprint.

His deathless body can take any form to show himself to the faithful. He has appeared as Adi Nath Shiva, Rudra of the Ancient of Days, Kal Agni Nath in 500 B.C., Dakshin Murti, Goraksha Nath in 70 B.C., and as Shiva Goraksha Babaji in the ninth century A.D. during the time of Guga Nath. He empowered Guga Nath to master the Nagas and be worshipped as a Naga God.

Goraksha Nath is depicted in supreme samadhi, sitting on a yogic throne with nine Nagas: Vasuki, Ananta, Takshaka, Varuna, Padmaka, Shankhapala, Kulika, Mahapadma, and Karkotaka. As the Lord of karma and destiny, he sat on this throne for 12 years to create a drought in Nepal, providing karmic retribution and evolving the souls of its people.

The subdued Nagas forming his throne were:

  • Varuna, white with a sevenfold jeweled hood in the center.
  • Ananta, dark blue with a jewel in a lotus in the east.
  • Padmaka, lotus stalk colored with five hoods in the south.
  • Takshaka, saffron with nine hoods in the west.
  • Vasuki, green with seven heads in the north.
  • Shankhapala, yellowish in the southwest.
  • Kulika, white with thirty heads in the northwest.
  • Karkotaka, half-human, blue in the southeast.
  • Mahapadma, golden in the northeast.

When the people of Nepal were purged of their sins, Matsyendra Nath appeared, and Goraksha Nath greeted him, releasing the Nagas and bringing rainfall.

Matsyendra Nath, after intense meditation in the Himalayas, asked Lord Shiva for a disciple greater than himself. Shiva, pleased, manifested as Shiva Goraksha Babaji from his heart. Babaji, in spiritual form, was ready to inhabit a physical body. Matsyendra Nath gave holy ash (Vibhuti) containing Goraksha’s spirit to a woman desiring a child. Despite the woman discarding it, Goraksha’s spirit grew, and when Matsyendra Nath called for it, Goraksha arose from the earth, ready to cleanse and enlighten humanity through Kriya Yoga Meditation.

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