New Life Awakening Retreat – Kundalini Kriya Yoga with Yogiraj Siddhanath

Event Date : Dec 14th Friday, 5:00pm to Dec 16th Sunday, 9:00pm

Events Details:

Spend 3 days with Yogiraj at the ashram and take empowerment (diksha) into Kundalini Kriya Yoga, Omkar Kriya, Mahamudra, Siddhanath Hamsa Yoga and Siddhanath Surya Yoga. Yogiraj will be giving Shaktipat and Shivapat transmissions and answering your questions. Limited seats.

Event Address:

Siddhanath Forest Ashram,

Sitamai Dara, Sinhagadh

Pune, Maharastra, India

Contact : +91 8976180272/74

Email :

Registration Information :

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