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humble HAMSA: a Disciple’s Poem

Dedicated to Yogiraj Satgurunath Siddhanath By Ronald Paul Wiskup II – Devotee – 2017 The Hamsa lives in the higher mind Within each of us, The ones whom sought and will find Merudanda, Ascending Mt. Meru Piercing the Wheels of Light Revealing the Universe in You Septenary and serpentine Seeking the seventh heaven Within the […]

The Hamsanet with Yogiraj at Carlsbad

By Michelle Rosenaur – Northern California Devotee – 2017 As a  birthday present to myself, I signed up for the New Life Awakening Benefactors Retreat in Carlsbad, California. I hadn’t attended a benefactors retreat in a couple of years and was longing to attend one again. Our benefactors retreat started on a Thursday afternoon and lasted […]

Mount Shasta: the American Mount Kailash

By Sterling Wilson – Southern California Devotee – 2017 Mount Shasta is the retreat to go to. Mount Shasta is in Northern California, almost at the Oregon border.  I got a bit dizzy while at a rest stop looking at a state map on my first trip there from Southern California.  That’s how far North […]

Martial Spirit (Martial: Latin martialis, from Mars)

By Ronald Paul Wiskup II Satgurunath Yogiraj Siddhanath refers to the ego as the anti-Christ which wants to end the Christ within. I know of no more profound truth that necessitates the cultivation and application of spiritual warriorship. Shiva Puranam speaks of the intensity of Lord Shiva’s trance atop Mt. Kailash which caused drops of […]