The path, the pilgrimage, the goal Yog, Yogi, Yogant


By Yogiraj Siddhanath

The purpose of Yoga, in general, and in this instance Kriya Yoga, in particular, we could say, is to comprehend ‘God’ in a final state called Samadhi. A God who is often said to be beyond comprehension!

So how do we comprehend a God who is incomprehensible through the practice of Yoga?

What seems like an impossible dichotomy to the mind is to the realised masters very achievable through the tried and tested of practice of Yoga.

In yoga, the first stage of this comprehension begins from the body. Preparing the body to be healthy, to be fit, have no aches and pains, have a healthy digestive system, a healthy circulatory system, a healthy endocrine system, a healthy respiratory system, and a healthy nervous system achieved by the practice of asana.

As a leaking vessel (diseased body/mind) never can fill

The waters of life so pure and still

So distracted mind fails to retain

Wisdom’s nectar in its brain.*

For the practicing Yogi, a healthy process of circulation, assimilation and elimination is also the power of god working in the body.

In the next level of comprehending God through Yoga, the practitioner finds that the balsam of yogic breath soothes turbulent emotions, the hurt, and the suffering, refining and transforming them to devotion and love. All the insults that the person has borne, all the hardships, the treacheries that the near and dear ones have committed, all these are healed by the rhythmic devotional breath of Kundalini Pranayama.

In the mental process, the same pranayama, the practice of a systematic rhythmic breathing, cures psychosomatic disorders, like ulcers and asthma and sclerosis by calming the mind.

To ease disease of random mind

A remedy suitable we must find.

A rhythmic breathing tension free

With Kriya Yog the sovereign key.*

Then moving to the next stage, the emotions that are hurt are transformed into devotion and life becomes a flowing stream towards God in pratyahar; which gives rise to Love. This manifests in devotional chanting, singing Christmas carols, singing God’s praise, bhajans and hymns. The process of refining carries on step by step through consistent Yoga practice.

Then as the Yogi begins to concentrate (dharana) and meditate (dhyan) the mind gradually becomes a placid crystal pool. The undisturbed crystal mind is a beautiful mind.

Steady poise the arrow of your will

And shoot the fleeting mind to still

The deer of thoughts hinds and harts

Felled by your concentrated darts.

As one by one they die away

Mind opens up to new day

Where streams run tranquil and willows sway

Here tame and gentle deer do play.*

Then begins the journey through various states of Samadhi. This thought-free state becomes the constant state of the Yogi’s mind. With additional practice of special techniques given by the Satguru, the mind is gradually transcended leading to an internal glow.

Then tamed and tuned to nature’s flow

Mind melts into an opal glow

Which radiates from the soul within

Where wisdom’s mystic fire is king.*

Mind you, the practitioner has still not yet reached the stage of comprehending an incomprehensible God but step-by-step through the practice of Yoga, the Yogi is getting there.

Continuing the journey of Yog, the Yogi gets into states of mysticism, from an unkempt, disheveled and disorderly mind, the Yogi has organised the mind and the mind dissolves into the opal glow of divinity and becoming one with it, the Yogi gradually transforms to light.

The refinement of the mind continues further, the Consciousness expands, and intuition sharpens. The Yogis get visions of gods and saints and goddesses. A vision of the beautiful Krishna, of Christ; walking with Jesus transported way back 3000 years walking along the sea of Galilee and the Yogi may or may not realise himself or herself to be a disciple, Simon, Peter or Paul or connected to other masters from before. From this state of Sarvikalpa Samadhi, the constantly striving Yogi is ready to move into more profound states.

After getting these deep intuitions and finishing with them, the Yogi gets to the Mount of Olives, contacting the higher portion of Jesus, the son of man, and Christ, the Son of God. The Christ state of temporary Nirvikalpa Samadhi is a radiant aura of electric blue. The Yogi merges into that aura, and here there’s no form or figure, just an eternal bliss called the Christ Consciousness, Krishna Consciousness.

This is what the persistent gradual practice of Yoga does; from curing a practitioner’s anklebones of pain and ulcers and headache to getting into the state of Nirvikalpa Samadhi. And in the transfiguration, the Yogi not only sees Elijah and Moses and Christ- the trinity on earth- the trinity in creation-Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh- but is transformed into this state.

Finally moving further from the Christ state, the Yogi gets into the ineffable state of the Christos, Shiv Goraksha Babaji, the Babaji state of comprehending God.

But this, my dear souls, is not the final stage yet because the Yogi not only has to comprehend the God who is incomprehensible but also the God who is complete and therefore also comprehensible, complete and incomplete. All dualities have to dissolve and merge for the Yogi to achieve this state.

The Yogi then in this ultimate leap merges into the finality of the comprehensible and the not comprehensible, the zero and the not zero, whose centre is everywhere and circumference nowhere, the state of Niranjan Nirvan, Kaivalya. I address this Consciousness simply as the Isness.

That’s where the finality of Yog takes one, to the true innermost being who is one with the Supreme Being.

“Composed of nothing yet of which all else is sure composed

It stands Supreme beyond all dreams Eternally reposed.”*


*From Yogiraj Siddhanath’s poem, “Mind Transformation”

Note: This is a reprint of an article published March 8, 2019, in the online publication, The Pioneer.

For more of Yogiraj’s profound wisdom, meet him at an upcoming event or watch his YouTube videos!

Martial Spirit (Martial: Latin martialis, from Mars)

By Ronald Paul Wiskup II

Satgurunath Yogiraj Siddhanath refers to the ego as the anti-Christ which wants to end the Christ within. I know of no more profound truth that necessitates the cultivation and application of spiritual warriorship. Shiva Puranam speaks of the intensity of Lord Shiva’s trance atop Mt. Kailash which caused drops of perspiration (Latin from per- ‘through’ + spirare ‘breathe) to rain upon mother earth, providing birth to the divine child, Bhaum (Mars). Yogiraj has revealed that we can accelerate our spiritual evolution by the factor of intensity. Thus through the precipitation of perseverance, we can kindle the flame of martial spirit within and incinerate the stain of ego.

I find it noteworthy that since meeting Yogiraj and being initiated into Kundalini Kriya Yoga, I have since returned to the practice of martial arts. My first foray into the study of Ninjutsu began as a teenager before I left for military service. Training in the garage and backyard of my buyu (martial friend) as we practiced the ways of the Bujinkan (Hall of the Divine Warrior) and the teachings of Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi sensei, the 34th grandmaster or soke of Bujinkan Budo/Ninpo Taijutsu.

Whilst many in this pursuit find higher precepts through the fighting arts, I first sought the spiritual mysteries and was reminded of its martial roots during a particularly volatile time in my Kriya practice.  This playing out of fate would eventually place my throat beneath the sword and demand of me a commitment. When I had returned home from the Air Force, I re-connected with my friend who was now a 4th Dan rank in the Bujinkan and picked up training a second time. However, this didn’t last. I was soon immersed in myriad worldly diversions and my training faded away. There was no advancement.

Marshalled by the ethereal force of Satgurunath Yogiraj Siddhanath’s poetry, I would eventually come to know him as my master several years later. The sound frequencies he emitted so eloquently resonated within me and awoke my heart. Sealed by my decision to see him in person, the universe conspired for me to attend the 2015 New Life Awakening Retreat in the Catskill Mountains. Since being in his physical presence, I continued to make efforts towards more profound practice sessions. Then, this past December I had an urge to reach out again to my friend in the Bujinkan. As the façade of the outer world began to peel off, I was struggling to maintain any kind of footing in everyday life. Next thing I know, I was flat on my back against the dojo asana with a cold metal sword protruding into my neck. Ah, it was nice to see my buyu again! The message of the warrior ancestors was clear “Are you ready to take it seriously this time?”

Extreme fluctuations in my personal Kriya practice had caused me to endure periods of doubt, delays in practicing and my own ignorance induced traumas. Bruised but not beaten by the incessant sway of ego induced suffering, I understood that I must heal myself with the fixed practice of Kriya Yog and come to know my immovable spirit. Yogiraj’s words hearkened, “Practice and perseverance are the magic of success, and unless you fall in love with your practice you will not know its value.”

The synchronistic timing of my experiences has brought this lesson to light. The essence of Yogiraj’s wisdom and the philosophy of Ninpō are distilled to the same elixir for success. As our master has spoken: “You can never meet God. How can you meet him? You don’t know his whereabouts, you don’t know his address. But God is going to meet you. He is in search of you constantly, and when you are ready he will meet you. Practice will make you ready. Perseverance will make you perfect. So carry these two mantras with you: Practice and Perseverance. Let these two be the goals. Let your whole life revolve around them, and very soon you will be empty. Then God will pour into you.”

These paramount amalgamations so too reverberate within the halls of the Bujin. Hatsumi sensei tells in his book The Way of the Ninja, “I could hear Sensei’s (Toshitsugu Takamatsu) words still echoing in my ears— The true essence of the martial ways lies in virtue, Martial arts are a path for perfecting yourself as a human being. Perfection demands persistence, and there is also a secret teaching in which perfection is mentioned with reference to seven lights, i.e. — the colors of a rainbow.” How fascinating when we consider the goals Yogiraj has transmitted and knowing that he has also made reference to Divya deha, an immaculate body of rainbow colored light free from the ravages of time, for uninterrupted communion with God.

Yogiraj belabors the vital-ness of both Hatha and Raja (Royal) Yog and in Wings to Freedom he resounds: “To neglect the needs of bodily health is to falsify the eternal doctrine of the unity of all and the divinity of all.” During times of agitation when I am unable to sit for meditation, the physical aspect of martial arts training has helped me balance hormonal and psychic energies. Hence, the twin flames of practice and perseverance intertwine along axis of Kriya Yog both in meditation and daily activity, heaving us up through the heavens.

The day after I began writing this essay for the Siddhanath Newsletter, my sensei awarded me the beginner rank of Green Belt in Bujinkan Budo/Ninpo Taijutsu. During this same session the mechanisms of Karma blessed me with a blackened eye. I was happy to have this mitigated and memorable experience, teaching me to always pay attention! In Japan, the word Ninja is written as Shinobi no Mono. This symbolic ideogram consists of kanji (characters) depicting a sword held over the heart. The word Nin is translated as endurance or perseverance. A quote from Masaaki Hatsumi sensei informs (Latin informare: shape in- ‘into’ + forma ‘a form) those of us engaged in Budo to “Breathe life into the weapon, don’t take life away from it. Keep walking, because walking is life.” With the Hamsa breath, given by Yogiraj, over time I begin breathing less and less of me and more and more God. There’s also something about bearing a stainless steel sword over my heart that cures all depression and connects me with source!

Yogiraj directs us to be the architect of our own happiness through the secret science of breath. Thus, as we clash within the mental coliseum of delusion, illusion and error; let us draw forth Shinmyo Ken, the sword of divine mystery. With the sword of concentrated breath, eviscerate the dis-ease of samsara (repetitive history) and shine in the victorious light of the unconquerable soul.

Ronald Paul Wiskup II was born with the Sun in Aries and is the author of  “The Face on Mars is in the Mirror”, an original collection of occult poetry. He enjoys aviation, acting, playing ice hockey and scuba diving. He is a veteran of the United States Air Force and holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from the State University of New York at Fredonia.

On Meeting The Divine Babaji

An Ocean of Loving Energy Awaits us at Carlsbad

It is not often that we are given the opportunity to be a part of something
that will not only change us, but is also world changing.  Combining the powerful energies of the sun
and the ocean with Yogiraj’s loving energy is a combination that will help unlock
our own inner light and open us to the mysteries and love within and around us. 

From testimonies of some of those who have attended previous year’s retreats at
Carlsbad, it is clear that the energy levels seem to be particularly heightened
by the presence of the Pacific Ocean at the doorstep of this venue.  Many spiritual and emotional healings have
taken place over the last couple of years at this retreat.

The oceanfront
location in Carlsbad could be the most powerful and emotionally moving event of
Yogiraj’s tour this year.  We will all be
sharing an oceanfront meditation with Yogiraj on the beach. Yogiraj’s healing
transmissions during this retreat will be working specifically on the chakras
to ease and clear our emotional suffering.

In today’s world, with all its social disharmony and anger, the clearing of our
chakras and getting them balanced is necessary for not only good mental and
emotional health, but also for our spiritual growth.  We live in a world where our uncontrolled
feelings and emotions can cause us great suffering; so healing them with loving
energy will help give us greater wisdom to take our spiritual journey forward.

The elemental nature of the second chakra is water. The healing transmission
with Yogiraj, combined with the elemental nature of the vast ocean will focus
this powerful healing force on each of us. When the second chakra is in balance
we will experience sensations of wellness, pleasure, gratitude, and joy along
with better physical and emotional health.

This is an opportunity
to change your life focus and direction – a chance for true healing in the
presence of a Master!

Space is still available for this retreat!

Catskill Mountains – Dazzle in the City of Jewels and Transfigure to the Seat of the Soul

Yogiraj’s East Coast retreat will be held in the Catskill Mountains this year!
Ignite the fire of
your navel chakra, “the city of jewels” under the crystal clear constellations
on Frost Valley Mountain as Yogiraj transmits his healing energy during your
meditation.  Take this blazing journey in the night by the camp fire.  Feel the brilliance of the sun as your navel
chakra is awakened, balanced and activated according to your receptivity and individual
karma.  Find your personal power and unleash
the consciousness of self within the vast universe.

Enter the realm where
one finds the ultimate self, within the sixth chakra, “the seat of the soul.” 
Yogiraj will be empowering you into Kriya Yoga amidst the cool mountain of
Frost Valley during the beginning of the fall equinox, surrounded by Lake Swan
and the gurgling streams and brooks that hug this pristine grassland.  Dwell in
your sacred space of non-judgment. Become the witness of your consciousness and
experience peace and detachment from the thinking mind.  Experience yourself as
an extension of the universal consciousness.  Sign up now!

Shasta – Infusing the Divine into our Everyday Life

We are
all looking forward to New Life Awakening with Yogiraj at Shasta.  Each experience with him, whether it be the
first or tenth, is unique and life changing.
is the ideal energy vortex to learn and practice Kriya Yoga – this holy
mountain has an inherently powerful pull on our astral spine to facilitate the
movement of the Kriya Breath from the base of the spine (the first chakra) to
the sixth chakra at the third-eye center. Practicing Kriya at Shasta in the
presence of Yogiraj will accelerate the raising of Kundalini potential to
awaken us faster towards our goal of Self-Realization.
year, some of us were blessed to perceive the presence of higher beings
attending Yogiraj’s evening sessions on the mountain. This was made possible by
an increase in the vibration of our subtle senses and opening of the third eye
center.  Even these residents of the hidden Shasta came to pay their respects
and to be transformed in the presence of a true Master. Their example should
inspire us to treasure this spiritual gift that is beyond our rational

years or even life-times of suffering can be avoided by experiencing Kriya at
Mt. Shasta with Yogiraj. Don’t hesitate and miss this opportunity. Listen to
your heart and sign-up now for the upcoming retreat to avoid disappointment.

Earth Peace Through Self Peace

Every morning I am born anew. There is love in my heart, and wisdom is radiating from my mind. I bow to the in dwelling Spirit residing in all of us. That at the level of consciousness, humanity is one.  I am Spirit, I am Truth, I am Love Divine, this Body, Mind a Dream of Mine. The only purpose of man’s sojourn on this Earth is to seek God, all other things are secondary details.

This is pure spirituality.  If Earth Peace is to happen on Earth, let us realize that Humanity is our uniting Religion, Breath our uniting Prayer, and Consciousness our uniting  God.

The Avadhoot Avatar Doctrine – Yogananda, Anandamayi Ma and Babaji (2015)

Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhanath World Tour Schedule:

The UNREAL Truth about Anandamayi Ma and Paramahansa Yogananda, the Kriya Yoga Master and founder of Self Realization Fellowship. A lot has been said about Yogananda posthumously – this video addresses some of these things and attempts to give the Himalayan Kriya Yoga master’s perspective on them. Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhanath has also had personal experiences with Anandamayi Ma, the bliss permeated mother, which he describes here, in the context of the Avadhoot Avatar Doctrine. This doctrine of knowledge attempts to put things in their proper place in terms of spiritual hierarchy. Reigning over the hierarchy of the heavenly host is the divine visible-invisible savior called Mahavatar Babaji, who is the Mahayogi and Mahaguru and supreme Yogiraj, called the Nameless One, and yet goes by many names, including the Non-Being Essentiality, The Is-ness of the Zero-Not-Zero, The Eternal Now, Shiv-Goraksha-Babaji, Gorakshanath, Gorakhnath, The Lightning Standing Still, the Lakulish of the Lilac Lagoon, the Lightless Light which Lights That Light which Lights the Light of All Our Souls, and so on and so forth.

Support Master Yogiraj Siddhanath’s Worldwide Mission. Buy and download this exact same video for inspiration to play on your computer or mobile device:

Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhanath Travels to Europe and the USA to Teach World Peace Yoga

Himalayan Yogi Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhanath brings a unique message of peace to audiences across the world through kriya yoga and a new world tour.

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Yogiraj Siddhanath Speaks Peace at the United Nations
Earth peace through Self peace
San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) June 10, 2015
For generations, many have sought to bring world peace to the planet. While peace has been cultivated in certain geographic regions, a global peace remains elusive. The concept of world peace seems to have become cliché.
Renowned teacher, author, and spiritual leader Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhanath, however, believes world peace is possible. Yogiraj thinks that it’s simply not pursued in an effective way. Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhanath has a unique view of world peace and he’s sharing this as a practice with audiences across the world, through his books and this international tour.
The Tour stops in over twelve cities along with three spectacular retreats. The first retreat is along the Pacific Ocean in Carlsbad, the second at the base of Mt Shasta, and the third retreat is in the Catskill Mountains, New York. More information is available on the website.
Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhanath taught the concept of world peace for more than five decades. In fact, peace is the topic on which he established his foundation as a teacher. At the core, his message is and has been one of “Earth peace through Self peace”. An idea that, by yogic breathing, meditation and self-reconciliation, a broader, global sense of camaraderie can be developed, what Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhanath calls world peace yoga.
Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhanath has brought this unique doctrine to audiences across the planet. Yogiraj has taught this message of peace at the esteemed United Nations, and at the same time amassed millions of views on his popular YouTube channel. Recently, the master’s views on Earth peace have been compiled and shared in a book, called Babaji: The Lightning Standing Still.
The book is, nominally, a newly revealed study of the ancient figure called Babaji, the progenitor of Yoga. The book includes insights into the ancient practice of kriya yoga given by Babaji, plus, Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhanath’s instructions on how Earth peace, through inner peace is manifested. It is a far-reaching work that Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhanath describes as the culmination of his life’s work. Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhanath is sharing the book with world audiences throughout the summer. The world tour begins in Pune, India, moves from Asia to Europe and then to the United States in July, August and September. The US visit will span from New York to California.
Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhanath’s visit will include multi-day teaching events and yoga retreats. At all of the tour stops, the author and teacher will expound upon the doctrine of “Earth peace through Self peace.” Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhanath says that while in the West, Yoga is often viewed as physical postures. In India, Yoga has long been the gateway to profound, inner peace. In his own words, “The alpha and omega of yoga is self realization” – in essence, the most lasting inner peace humanly possible..
For details about Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhanath’s tour and where to see him in-person, visit his website: The website also offers books, poetry and videos as well as in-depth information about his life’s mission.