Yoga Patanjal, an Experiential Revelation

By Jyoti Subramanian –  Devotee, India – 2018

Yogiraj’s birthday this month marked the birth of his new book, Yoga Patanjal. More than a scholarly rendition of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, the book is an experiential revelation of Yogiraj’s realizations. Yoga Patanjal will be sold at Yogiraj’s 2018 World Tour events.

Very briefly in Yogiraj’s own words, “To facilitate your entry into the highest spheres with your satguru, I have taken considerable pain and effort to make available this gold-gilded pocketbook for you, as I love you. I am always there for you and even if you understand one verse in the book I will be happy, though all of you are capable of much more.”

The book was formally released post lunch on May 10th at the Siddhanath Forest Ashram in Pune after the disciples finished their morning Kriya Yoga practice session with Yogiraj. Present at the launch were Yogiraj’s mausi (meaning “like a mother”, a term used for one’s mother’s sister in India) and his sister, Durga. Yogiraj handed the first book to his aunt whom he referred to as his mother and then to his sister and Gurumata. The disciples received the book with all their blessings after that.

It is understood in the annals of Sanatan philosophy that the birth and manifestation of a satguru is the result of a collective yearning of humankind for the realization of the self and the divinity within. Satgurus of certain lineage come from time to time to guide, tweak and point the way towards speedier evolution for contemporary seekers. In short, according to Yogiraj, one deserves the guru one gets!

May 10th is the birthday of our Satguru Yogiraj Siddhanath who was born on this day in 1944. Disciples and sadhaks make their way to the Siddhanath Forest Ashram on this day to express their devotion and gratitude to him, who has shown them the way from ignorance to eternal truth, from darkness to light and from death to divinity. In a deeper and esoteric manner on this day the disciples are also born anew. So instead of “Happy birthday to you”, Yogiraj asked his disciples to sing “Happy birthday to me”, which they did very joyously, understanding their oneness with him.

The auspicious day started, as it usually does at the ashram, with the disciples making their way to the dining area and the morning satsang over breakfast and tea. Yogiraj at that time revealed that his book, Yoga Patanjal, was ready and would be available to the disciples later that day. He then went on to give a powerful message blessing his disciples and humanity in general with nuggets gleaned from this book.

The contemporary satguru brings to light ancient knowledge and wisdom which is still extant and pertinent in a language understandable to modern-day seekers. He cautioned seekers to concentrate on the living spirit rather than perusing the dead letter, an instruction that is very precious for the sincere spiritual aspirant.

Being in the presence of a householder satguru is an enchanting experience for the disciples and they got to see the simple and loving interchange of dialogue between him and Gurumata in the evening when she wore a sari presented to her by Yogiraj for this occasion. The happiness between them was palpable and spilled over to the disciples many of whom are enmeshed in the trammels of daily familial living. Disciples dressed in their finery for the evening of celebration. Gurumata began the arati, which is the waving of a lamp in devotion to the satguru. She then passed the lamp to other disciples.

The kids, of whom there were many, of course, had eyes only for the cake. The evening ended with sharing of prasad (blessed food) and dinner.

Rainbow Blessings at the Spectacular Niagara Retreat

By Kelly Rice – Southern California Devotee – 2017

This year’s Northeast retreat in New York was spectacular! The venue was situated on Grand Island directly on the bank of the Niagara River that flows down to Niagara Falls. All of the retreat attendees had east facing rooms overlooking the river so we were able to greet Surya each morning from the balcony of our rooms. Surya practice sessions were held on the grassy lawn by the riverbank with the sun coming up over the trees and the birds singing in the nearby trees. The well-fed squirrels joined us and stayed nearby hoping for a treat. Yogiraj blessed all the retreat attendees with his powerful transmission and an especially enlightening satsang on the “Molecular Mind”.

The Benefactor retreat attendees reaped the reward of a smaller group experience and were graced with the Alchemical Tea and a wonderful spiritual experience only given by Yogiraj. The group took an outing with Yogiraj to see the American side of Niagara Falls on the “Maid of the Mist”. We saw the American Falls with numerous rainbows and one full rainbow which seemed to fall at Yogiraj’s feet. The boat went so close to the horseshoe-shaped Bridal Veil Falls that everyone got thoroughly re-energized by the raining mist from the falls. The experience was one of a kind and it was a true blessing to be able to attend this retreat.

Yogiraj will be back in Europe, the U.S. and Canada in the spring and summer of 2018! You can join him now at events in India! Learn more at our Siddhanath Events Page.

humble HAMSA: a Disciple’s Poem

Dedicated to Yogiraj Satgurunath Siddhanath

By Ronald Paul Wiskup II – Devotee – 2017

The Hamsa lives in the higher mind
Within each of us,
The ones whom sought and will find

Ascending Mt. Meru
Piercing the Wheels of Light
Revealing the Universe in You

Septenary and serpentine
Seeking the seventh heaven
Within the cosmic dream

Secreting secrets with laborious effort in the laboratory of self
Being the experi-mente, the experiencer of mind
Knowing thy true self
Watching Maya’s illusions subside

Holding the Key of Life ☥
Balancing the day and the night
Ha-Tha Yog brings forth the lightless light

Swimming in Brahman
Amrita’s fountain of youthful delight
Becoming the immortal rainbow
The Hu-Man (God-Mind) birthright

Breathing the Ham-Sa
Nature’s pranic dew
To be still and know I am one with you.

© Ronald Paul Wiskup II,  August 16, 2017

Join Yogiraj and our spiritual family at an upcoming New Life Awakening Retreat. Learn more at our Events Page.

The Hamsanet with Yogiraj at Carlsbad

By Michelle Rosenaur – Northern California Devotee – 2017

As a  birthday present to myself, I signed up for the New Life Awakening Benefactors Retreat in Carlsbad, California. I hadn’t attended a benefactors retreat in a couple of years and was longing to attend one again.

Our benefactors retreat started on a Thursday afternoon and lasted until late Friday afternoon, after which we joined the New Life Awakening Retreat. At one point, Yogiraj came down from the stage and sat down on the floor with us. As there were only twelve of us benefactors, it was a very intimate circle. Like a father reading to his children, he read us a passage from his autobiography, “Wings to Freedom.”  

The passage describes the Hamsanet, Yogiraj’s mission and work. The Hamsanet is a network of rainbow light and breath that Yogiraj has developed, which connects all sincere seekers of truth on Earth. The purpose of this spiritual network is to allow people to experience a unified Consciousness where at the level of Soul Consciousness, humanity is one. Yogiraj initiates this experience when he enters into unified Consciousness (unmani avastha).  Then by connecting to the seekers through their navel, heart and third eye centers, he  transmutes their minds into a higher state of consciousness. By this process, Yogiraj and the seekers who are in tune with him create Earth peace.

One of my favorite parts of the general retreat was when Yogiraj led us into a meditation where we rocked our bodies slightly left and right. He said the apparent self is the self that we felt when making the rocking motion. He encouraged us to discover the permanent Self which lies behind the apparent self.

Join Yogiraj and our spiritual family at an upcoming New Life Awakening Retreat. Learn more at our U.S. Events Page.

Mount Shasta: the American Mount Kailash

By Sterling Wilson – Southern California Devotee – 2017

Mount Shasta is the retreat to go to.

Mount Shasta is in Northern California, almost at the Oregon border.  I got a bit dizzy while at a rest stop looking at a state map on my first trip there from Southern California.  That’s how far North we are!?  Nevertheless, a three-day weekend retreat with Himalayan Master Yogiraj at this mountain is a must.  He often refers to it as the American Mount Kailash, which is perhaps the holiest mountain in the Himalayas.  It is interesting to note that the native Americans refer to Shasta as Adi-Nar, which is very similar to one of the Sanskrit names for Lord Shiva: Adi-Nath.

The retreat is a weekend of freeing our minds.  The mind, the root source of all disease, loses its iron grip.  Healing and sweet, deep consciousness fill the void.   That is the essence of any time spent with Yogiraj.

After years of retreats, I easily fall into the rhythm. During the satsang question-and-answer sessions, his answers are sometimes heavy with authority. The next moment they are playful and teasing; spontaneous discourses into the ancient lore of India, yogic healing transmissions, chanting and community.

When Yogiraj  entered the meditation hall at the start of last year’s retreat, my mood somehow lightened, erasing my two-day journey North. There were about twenty new people sitting up front and he wanted to make sure they felt comfortable and accepted.  Old timers, such as myself, left unchecked can hog the question-and-answer sessions.  Yogiraj caught us in the act and gave special attention to the newbies.

Saturday’s big event was the outdoor meditation on Mt. Shasta at an open field called “Sand Flat”.  Yogiraj came and then we spread out across the whole field and forest for meditation.  He took us with him as he sat in meditation, going into deeper levels of consciousness.  The Guru is like a benevolent black hole, sucking all negativity into its void.

The bees and flies were buzzing and the late morning sun beat down.  Nevertheless, we remained in meditation, or something that at least looked like it.  Afterwards Yogiraj called us together and told us that he had taken us into Nirvikalpa Samadhi, the deepest layer of mindlessness.

Before breaking up, Yogiraj suggested eating something sweet and something a little spicy with lunch: “With the sweet and spicy the healing will take place.”  As we laughed, he laughed about what an easy Guru he is.  I recall years ago that he said, “One must only look for the most spoiled disciples and know that they are mine.”

Did I mention that Mount Shasta is the retreat to go to?

You can join Yogiraj and our spiritual family this summer at Mount Shasta. Learn more at our U.S. Events Page.

McCloud Middle Falls

By Sterling Wilson – Southern California Devotee – 2017

When we are in nature, standing face to face, it is we who blink first.  Nature holds her gaze.  The energy is too strong for most people- we quickly fall into fiddling with cell phones, talking loudly or drinking beer and building big fires and making lots of noise around them.  We just don’t know what to do with ourselves.  Kriya pranayam and Surya meditation give us a way to connect with nature, something to do there.  This is an ancient lifestyle and it is only the beginning for young America.

The Mc CLoud river becomes Middle Falls as it works its way through the forest below Mt Shasta.  Yogiraj often discusses the coming spiritual civilization that is right now developing on the West Cost of America.  He has said that right now there are more practicing yogis on the west coast of America than in India.  

He teaches that water, especially flowing water greatly benefits meditation.  The Himalayan pilgrimage group makes sure to stop at a mountain waterfall on the journey.  Both the Haridwar and Rishikesh retreats  have time set aside for a dip in the strong flowing, clean, very cold, mountain-pure Ganges.  The prana that is the river current flows through our bodies.  At the Shasta retreat in 2015 he answered a question about eclipses saying that they enhance the meditation and the flowing water  even more so.  A Full Moon lunar eclipse? Go find a river to meditate in…….. or bathtub.

And every year at Middle Falls I see it and recognize it.  Hamsas from the whole West Coast and beyond are there: from Vancouver down to San Diego……and those are just the ones I know…..The scene of scattered Hamsas, some off under the waterfall sitting, others across the water happy to be drying off in the sun.  Valiant yogis to be!  And that water is cold. I can personally attest to sitting under the falls and feeling the energy rise.  The science Yogiraj gives us is true.

A  few tourist families mill about at the Falls as well, with dad taking a dip in the water and the kids looking on. And of course the “beer drinkers” ( a term my mother uses) are there as well- sunburned skin, cigarettes, beer, loud voices and heavy metal soundtrack.

How wonderful that we have something to do there.   “Go sit and do Kriya pryanayam under that waterfall, or stand in the cold river water doing Surya.”  Oh  yes I can do that.

Kriya Yoga Initiation & Review – Greater Philly Area

Sunday May 4, 2014 – Sunday May 4, 2014

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MEDITATION INNOVATION – “Be the architect of your own happiness,the secret resides in your breath” – Yogiraj SatGurunath Siddhanath



You are cordially invited to participate in Kriya Initiation and Review event on Sunday from 9:30 am – 12:00 pm.
Hamsacharya Surojit Das will conduct the initiation and teach the following techniques as instructed by Yogiraj SatGurunath Siddhanath .

  • Omkar Kriya:Hearing the birthing hum of creation introduces one to the Divine Indweller.
  •  Shiva Shakti Kriya:This practice is Kundalini Energy in motion. It is the raison d’etre of Kundalini Yoga. It deals with the highest evolution of humankind and is thus called the science of all sciences.
  • Maha Mudra:The purpose of Maha Mudra is to open the flow of life energy in the spine by realignment. Integration of the physical, emotional and mental is achieved by body, breath and light movement.
  • Parvasta: Living in the “here-now”:Integrating around a higher center of consciousness. Holding onto the Present Awareness.

For more information about Kriya Yoga, click here.

FEE: Initiation – $108/- ( Cash preferred, no credit card )


This is a good opportunity to get your Kriya Yoga techniques reviewed by Authorized Hamsacharya and ask any questions you may have about the techniques.  Suggested donation for Kriya Yoga Review $20 payable by cash at the venue.




Kriya Yoga Intensive Camp (German Hamsas)

Thursday March 27, 2014 – Sunday April 6, 2014

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This Kriya Yoga Intensive camp is for hamsa group from Germany. Please contact event coordinators for more information.

Seats are limited, please call or email for reserving your seat. Please note that your seat is not reserved till you receive the confirmation email.

Event coordinators: Klaudius Kania, David Schulz
Ph: +49 (0)163 6663602, +49 (0)7733 978 309


May 10 2013: Yogiraj SatGurunath Siddhanath bestowed honorary title at rare Spiritual Coronation

May 10 2013: Yogiraj SatGurunath Siddhanath bestowed honorary title at rare Spiritual Coronation


Yog Martand Yogiraj Satgurunath Siddhanath

10th May 2013 proved to be a royal blessing for all those who witnessed the spiritual coronation ceremony of Yogiraj Satgurunath Siddhanath. He was honored as the Chhatrapati Shivaji Raje Ratna1 and was bestowed with the title of ‘Yog Martand2’ by the Brahman sansad3 of varanashi. The Brahman sansad of varanashi is the highest authority on the Sanatan Dharma since it is established by the four main Jagatguru Shakaracharyas of Shringeri, Jagannath Puri, Dwarika and Badrikashram jyotirpeeth respectively. The auspicious occasion of Satgurunath’s birthday happened to be the day for his spiritual coronation. The celebration of Satgurunath’s birthday was merged with the grand coronation ceremony and with that, the Siddhanath Forest Ashram became the host to the colorful extravaganza. The Nath Mandal was decorated with scented flowers, 108 colorful oil lamps, red carpets, Rangoli designs, colorful ‘pandal’ and beautiful garlands. Yogiraj Siddhanath and his family were looking stunning and elegant in their regal attires. Besides this, the other men were dressed in white with orange turban, and women were dressed in silk and zaree sarees splashed with different colors, and accompanied with beautiful jewelries. Satgurunath and Satgurumata were ushered on the stage with the blowing of the ranabheri4.

Once Satgurunath and Satgurumata took their seats, the coronation rituals were commenced by Satgurunath’s grandchildren Aryasangh and Ritaum, who came in and lit the mangal deep5 on the centre stage. They were accompanied by their sisters Vedanjali and Ujjaini who came in with the mangal kalash6 which they placed in front of the mangal deep. Then, the granddaughters did the vijay tilak7 and aukshan8 to Satgurunath and Satgurumata Shivangini. The same ritual of aukshan was carried out by Yogiraj Satgurunath’s daughters-in-law Sau. Savani Raje and Sau. Vrushali Raje, who held the thali (plate) with 70 lamps which marked Satgurunath’s entry into his 70th spiritually victorious year.

Kriyavaan Kriyacharya Shivraj, who took every possible effort in making the function grandiose, joyous and royal, welcomed the honorary guests, and in short but powerful words, explained how the visit to Shri Kashi Vishwanath temple led Shri Shankaracharya to acknowledge Satgurunath’s spiritual stature, and made him to decide to bestow upon him the powerful title of ‘Yog Martand.’ He also thanked Babasaheb Purandare, a world renowned historian and an authority on the literary works of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaja9, for gracing the occasion with his presence. Shivraj Raje did not forget to bring to the notice of the audience that “the grandmaster of ceremonies Pandit Gagha Bhatt came from Varanashi with the ‘panchateertha jal10’ to coronate Maharaja Shivaji as ‘The Chhatrapati’. Today, on the 10th of May 2013, approximately three hundred and seventy five years after the big event, Pandit Amarnath Mishra comes from the same Varanashi, getting along with him the same holy waters, to coronate Yogiraj Satgurunath as ‘The Yog Martand’ and to bestow upon him the honor of Chhatrapati Shivaji Ratna.” After mentioning this fact, Shivraj Raje also said that the political and the national history are repeating itself as the spiritual and world happening.

Shri Shankaracharya of Dwarika had personally sent his political representative and the President of Brahman Sansad of Varanashi, Pandit Amaranth Mishra, to do the formalities and rituals of the spiritual coronation. Pandit Amarnath Mishra was accompanied by eleven Brahmins from Kashi, and had brought with him the waters of the ‘panchateertha jal’. With these holy waters, the abhishek of Satgurunath, Satgurumata and their family was done. Thereafter, as a blessing, Pandit Amarnath Mishra sprinkled the spiritually charged ‘panchateertha jal’ over the head of each and every person who was present there to witness the divine nostalgia, which took everyone 5000 years back into the times of Prabhu Ramchandra. The divine bliss felt by the audience after being blessed by the ‘panchateertha jal’ was expressed through the waters of their souls as they shimmered through their eyes. Later, Pandit Mishra started his speech by voicing the opinion of Bhagwan shankaracharya of the Dwarikapeeth, who very assertively stated that “Yogiraj Satgurunath is a Rudra Swaroop (rudra avatar) and the only Nath yogi who has made himself uniquely available for the benefit of humanity, simultaneously in the spiritual and terrestorial realms to solve the problems of humanity and bring back the ‘Ram Rajya’ (Lord Ram’s Kingdom) and the Satyug.” Pandit Amaranth Mishra himself mentioned that he intuitively felt that Satgurunath is the Manu, sitting with the sword and four Vedas in front of him and Satgurumata is the human aspect of the divine mother Goddess Tulja Bhavani.

Later, Shiv-Shahir Babasaheb Purandare unveiled the certificate of honor, which was later read by Pandit Amarnath Mishra. After this, Satgurunath was enthroned and was coronated by Pandit Amarnath Mishra with the bejeweled family head gear called the ‘Shinde Shahi Pagdi’ which symbolizes the ‘Chhatra’ (the royal shelter for all). Then, he handed Satgurunath with the Vedas as a symbol of the ‘shaastra’ (scriptures of wisdom), and gave him the sword, that symbolizes the ‘shastra’ (weapon to protect the cause of truth and peace). After this, he requested Satgurunath to say a few words. It was Yogiraj Satgurunath who explained the true meaning of the title that was bestowed upon him. He said that when a king is not just a king but is also a yogi, then his sword is transformed from a weapon of violence into a weapon of spirituality, known as the ‘Gyan Aaseen’. The sword becomes a powerful weapon to separate the truth from the untruth, the pure from the impure and the reality from the illusion. He reinforced that it is the spiritual evolution and the empowerment of humanity that can help in bringing the ‘Ram Rajya’ back on earth plane, and not the violence, wars or hatred. With his spiritually mesmerizing talk, Satgurunath gave a completely new dimension to his spiritual coronation ceremony, and uplifted the already blessed spirits of everyone who was present there.

Seated to the of left of Yogiraj was Hamsa Kriyacharya Rudrasen Raje Shitole, who sat for the fire ceremony (havan), the ashes of which were mixed with the Ganga water used for the coronation. Rudrasen has been the silent backbone of the Hamsa Yoga Sangh, and has been coordinating international hamsa activities for over the last 14 years.

On the behalf of Hamsa Yoga Sangh, Hamsa Kriyacharya Jyoti thanked Shri Shankaracharya, Pandit Amarnath Mishra and The Brahman Sansad, and  gave the vote of thanks to the high profile bureaucracy marked by honored people such as the Collector and the Commissioner of the State. After this, everyone from the audience came to the stage one by one and took Satgurunath’s blessings. Even though this was the concluding aspect of the ceremony, one cannot really say that the coronation ceremony concluded with this, as it is still alive and throbbing in the hearts of people who were present there. Hamsa yoga Sangh is grateful to Kriyavaan Kriyacharya Shivraj and his wife Sau. Savani Raje, whose efforts got forth such a celestial event for all the Hamsas who were present.


1. Chhatrapati Shivaji Raje Ratna- with this title, Yogiraj Siddhanath is addressed as the precious jewel that further glorifies the legacy of chhatrapati shivaji, and through his spiritual contribution, brings pride to the land and the people of Chhatrapati Shivaji. Ratna- adored jewel/ precious Gem.

2. Yog Martand- The supreme sun of spiritual splendor. Martand- the supreme sun in the cosmic scenario.

3.  Brahman Sansad- Religious Congregation of eminent scholarly priests, which is the highest authority.

4. Ranabheri- traditional Maratha war trumpet.

5. Mangal Deep- the auspicious lamp with five flames which signify the enlightened five senses of soul.

6. Mangal Kalash- auspicious pitcher which holds the panchateertha jal.

7. Vijay Tilak- the vermillion which is applied like a flame on the forehead of the victorious warrior. Vijay – victory. Tilak – flame on the forehead.

8. Aukshan- waving of a lamp that is done to a person in order to honor his victory and in order to pray for his further success.

9. Shivaji Maharaja- The greatest India warrior king of the 17th century who was the avatar of Shiva.

10. Panchateertha jal- the holy water of the five divine rivers of India, i.e. the Ganga, the Yamuna,  the Saraswati, the Narmada and the Godavari. This Panchateertha jal is also known as ‘Gangaamrut’.

Yog Martand Yogiraj Siddhanath in the center, Shivraj Raje Shitole on the left, Rudrasen Raje Shitole on the right, Satgurumata Shivangini on the extreme right


Yogiraj Satgurunath Siddhanath


Satgurumata Shivangini


Yog Martand Yogiraj Siddhanath on the day of coronation


Certificate of honor bestowed upon Yogiraj Siddhanath by Sri Shankracharya


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